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•Well, I decided to rebuild gamesbyalex again (Mainly because the last version sucked on mobile browsers), so this is version 4.0.

•Don't expect me to release games really quickly, High School takes up a lot of my schedule. However, I'm still programming, just be patient.

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This is just a little place I set aside for fellow game designers
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•Email - alugocp@aim.com

(By "us" I mean "me" :P)
Cheat Codes
•xyz5 - Unlocks every level - (first used in Aesop)
•abc3 - + 10,000 gold - (first used in Gene War: BioGenesis)
•abc5 - Kills every enemy
•abc7 - Increases your units' stats
•xyz7 - Instant win
•xyz9 - Instant lose
•xyz3 - Increases the player's health by 10,000 - (first used in Genemorph)
•apl3 - Activates infinite Spike Genemorph
•apl5 - Activates infinite Wing Genemorph - (first used in Genemorph)
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New Super Mario Bros.


2012: The Game

"Go on, play a game"-Mochi Muncher
Insectoid 2

Germ Wars

Insectoid: The Story of Eluse

Sanai the Turtwig

GeneWar: BioGenesis


"More games coming soon..."-Mochi Muncher